Little tuna bites

We have friends coming over next week-end, and I think they might be bored with my « crudites platter ». I found on the web a recipe that first looked a bit strange to me, but after all why not. At least it looks easy, and I have the perfect guineapig for that! (Who as you can … [Read more…]

Cruditees platter and their dips

I like this aperitif platter; it has a lot of taste and colours. It is also simple and quick to make One of the classics that I like to prepare when we have friends coming over (like this evening), and I am (as usual!) very late! Ingredients for 6 portions: 1 large cucumber 1 can … [Read more…]

Asparaguses and parmesan flan

I was doing some food shopping, when I had an awakening and realised that we definitely weren’t eating enough veggies recently. I mean, other than the usual tomato/cucumber/courgettes. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, until I saw them on the top of the shelf, barely visible: tonight we’re having asparagus!